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          This page is dedicated to people whose last name is Buiter. Links to their page's can be put here, and some general information can be put here. But it is mostly links! My own name as you might now is Sander Buiter. Since I'm a Buiter, I though why not help other Buiter's get acquainted with other Buiter's.
          If you are a BUITER you can mail me and have a link to your page added to the links page. If you don't have a homepage, I'm willing to help you construct one.
          My dad has put up the family tree at

          If you want to have a link placed here or want help constructing a page mail me at:

    This is a photo taken from a book of the same image as shown below.

    This is an image of a buiter coat of arms. ( the colors have been hand entered by me.)

    Created on: 01/11/1999
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