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  • Welcome to 
    Sander's Main DnD Page.

    Last update:  12-07-2003

       I've been Playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) since about 2001. Pretty cool and educative, ind a fantasy kind of way.
    Since my first Session, I've been developing a DnD character-sheet, using Excel, and have been able to improve it from a bare sheet, to a very functional sheet. You can find these on the Download page.

    All the characters I've played thus far, I've placed under The character page.

    I've been playing on the Forgotten Realms setting for most of the time, some info on this setting is given on the FR page.

    The campaign I've started will be hosted on My campaign.

    I'm starting a new seting shortly (October 19th 2003), Which is the Dragonstar setting. More details on this setting are to be found on the Dragonstar page.


    I hope you enjoy these pages. If you have any questions feel free tyo e-mail me at:

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