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  • Welcome to 
    Sander's DnD Character Page.

       On this page all my characters will be listed, dead and alive.  For all characters the final version (before his death, or still living), and the history are given.

    All sorted by Campaign:

    Forgotten Realms 1: (No longer Running)

    1. Orlpar a Sun-Elf, Wizard.
      • Died by the hands of One of bob's Characters.
    2. Derick a Human, Sorcerer.
      • Died by his own foolish actions.
    3. Darvin a Human, Sorcerer/ fire-elementalist.
      • Died by his own foolish actions.
    4. Oloth a Drow, Bard.
      • Died because he was to proud to sell his magical items to buy passage aboard a ship, and thus tried foolishly to get on board otherwise.
    5. Faelar a Sun-Elf, Bladesinger.
      • Died by the hands of Jordy, because he was grappled by an enemy, and Jordy tried to hit that enemy.

    Forgotten Realms Gaudium:

    1. Gaeleron a Sun-Elf, Wizard/Fighter.
      • Died in Gallant combat, defending his party members. A dwarf-cleric tried to raise him, but his spirit was unwilling.
    2. Taman a Tiefling, Rogue/Wizard.
      • Still Living.


    1. Portia a Female Halfling, Pilot/Rogue.
      • Still Living.
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