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    Usefull Web Information
    Online Stores (for online buying)
    Movements and organizations
    Newsletters / E-Zines
    Search engines
    Useful programs
    Science Projects
    Operating systems
    Page's of relatives
    Page's of Gaudium Friends
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    The Above links link to parts of this document, this was done to makeaccess faster.
    If you think a additional links should be added mail me:
    The Images used on this page function as links to other sites.

    Usefull Web Information Links:

    Crime on the InformationHighway

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    FreeYellow -- Free lifetime Websites!

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    Erasmus University

    International School of the Hague

    Instituut Drs R.R. Vrijbergen

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    Online Stores (for online buying)

    DVDtalk: the best deals on DVDs

    In Association with

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    Movements and organizations:

    Anti Cheating Movement

    League for Programming Freedom

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    Newsletters / E-Zines:

    FREE Windows 95/98/NT Newsletter

    The HappyHacker Homepage (includes an Newsletter)

    Free Pint

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    Search engines:

    Searching with Webcrawler(TM)

    Search with Northern Light

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    Useful programs:


    Pretty Good Privacy International. Encryption program.

    Winzip. Compression program.

    Getright. Downloader.

    Eudora E-mail program. Great!

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    Scientific Projects:

    SETI@Home search for extraterestrials.

    Search for mersenne Prime Numbers.

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    Operating Systems:

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    Page's of Relatives:

    Patrick's New page

    Patrick's page (old)

    Frans's page

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    Page's of friends from Gaudium:

    Gaudium Homepage

    Mort Subite Homepage

    Jaarclub Lusiditeit

    Dennis his new Page!

    Dennis's Weblog

    Lars' Page

    Lars's Weblog

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    Page's of Friends:

    Wilco's page

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