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  • Photo page!

    By pressing on a link you get to see the picture.
    new photo's are in bold typeface.
    I've also put up a page, showing my growth through the years. Press this link.

    Me at Different Ages: Start, 11, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2728, 29

    My homes

    Me as a small baby.

    Me walking in the kitchen in 1977

    Me, being carried by my mother, in the garden 1977

    Me in 1978?

    Me and my sister, at Xmas 1978

    Me Back in 1984

    Me Back in 1985

    A photo of me back in 1985, on a farm

    Me Back in 1986

    My sister and me in 1987

    11 Years Old

    Me with my sister 1988

    Me back in 1988

    16 Years Old
    Photo of me from somewhere in 1992-1993

    18 Years Old
    Photo of me, on my First Racing Bike, June 1994

    Photo of me somewhere in 1994-1995

    Photo of me in 1995

    20 Years Old
    During the IP weekendof Gaudium, 1996.

    My entire year, at the the end of the IP week, 1996.

    My 'jaarclub' and me, in December 1996.

    Me and my 'Jaarclub', back in 1997.

    21 Years Old
    Photo of me in 1997 (was used on biography page)

    A couple of friends and me behind the bar. August 1997.

    Koen and me at the 1998 gala.

    22 Years Old
    Me behind the bar. August 1998.

    Outside Gaudium.Eurekeweek August 1998.

    A couple of friends, from my committee, and me at Gaudium. October 1998.

    23 Years Old
    Photo of me in july 1999(was used on biography page)

    During the Mort Subite weekend 2000

    24 Years Old
    In January 2001 (was used on biography page)

    My sister, lyneke, and me somewhere in 2001

    25 Years Old
    Photo of me in June 2001 (is used on the biography page)

    With my cousin, at my sister's graduation November 2001

    At my sister's graduation November 2001

    Me in by Cycling-outfit, just before going riding in April/May 2002

    26 Years Old

    Me, in January 2003.

    My sister and me start of 2003?

    Dennis (in one of his crazy moods) and me, April 2003

    Me and my ex-girlfriend's cat May/June 2003

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    27 Years Old

    Me on 11th of December 2003, after about 2 hours of sleep.

    My sister and me posing for a nice picture for my dad's 60th

    Me, at a 'jaarclub' dinner. (March 2004)

    28 Years Old

    Me on November 25th 2004

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    29 Years Old

    Photo of me taken on August 25th 2005

    Me at some friend's place

    Ewa and me at my dad's place

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    30 Years Old

    Blowing the candles on the cake at my 30th

    Photo of me right after work, August 2006

    Holiday in Krakow

    More Holiday in Krakow

    December 2006:
    Ewa and me during our X-mass visit to Poland

    Me Pretending I'm asleep so I don't have to speak Polish.

    I just made Ewa happy.

    Ewa and myself on the train back to Krakow Airport

    My homes:
    June 1976-1980(1): Rotterdam
    1980(1)-1998: Kwintsheul
    1988-1996: Wateringen
    September 1996-2006:  'De Esch', Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    March 2006-present: Grosvenor Avenue, London, UK

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    made by: Sander Buiter 
    Last update: 01/07/2007
    copyright © Sander Buiter, 1999-2007