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    Study related Documents
    My books, or book plans.
    General Documents
    Visual Basic related documents
    D&D related Stuph

     To Download a Program or a Document Click it while holding down the SHIFT key (for netscape).
    These documents will be updated when needed!
    PDF files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, available from or from
    The documents under the Study section are made with Microsoft Word. If you need a translation or conversion please mail me.

    Study Related Documents

    The following cases were made for the course 'management accounting 2', and were picked from the book: "Performance Measurements & Control Systems for implementing Strategy" by Robert Simons:

    Case ACS ( Automation Consultancy Services ) (DOC: 05/27/2001) (in Dutch)
    Case Chadwick (DOC: 05/27/2001) (in Dutch)

    My books, or book plans.

    At this moment I'm working on trying to write a book. I'll put parts of that book, and others, up here.

    General Documents

     Often used Acronyms / Abbreviations ( TXTPDF: 12/31/2000)

     List of commonly used Ports and ports-used-in attacks  (text format 07/18/1999)

    Commonly used symbols for in windows (text format 11/01/1998)

    Commonly used Abbreviations in chatting (IRC) ( TXTPDF11/19/1999)

    A brief explanation on the working of IRC(textformat 12/31/1998)

    List of common Netiquette (text format 12/04/1998)

    Visual Basic related documents

    Control name abbreviations (text format 08/12/1998)

    Prefixes for variables (text format 08/12/1998) 

    D&D related stuph

    A DnD page has been set up, where Newer versions will be placed.

    D&D Character sheet Version 9b  (in zip file, Excel format, 09/01/2002)

    D&D Character sheet Version 10  (in zip file, Excel format, 10/17/2002)

    D&D Character sheet Version 10d  (in zip file, Excel format, 10/18/2002)

    D&D Character sheet Version 11  (in zip file, Excel format, 10/22/2002)

    D&D Character sheet Version 12q5  (in zip file, Excel format, 01/07/2003)

    D&D Character sheet Version 12q6  (in zip file, Excel format, 02/04/2003)

    Over the last couple of years i've written a number of poems, most of which are love poems.
    A few of those can be found here (in MS Word format): 

    The Ocean
    Thinking of you
    Dark Skies
    Effect on the world
    Your beauty
    Joined love
    The new girl in class

    All the data here is for educational purposes only, if one uses thedata for malicious ends that is his own responsibility.
    Nor do I take responsibility for any damages incurred due to use ofany of my programs.
    The files that are in text format are in ASCII windows format.
    last update: 05/30/2005
    made by: Sander Buiter 

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